Livestock’s  contribution to environmental problems is on a massive scale. The impact is so significant that it needs to be addressed with urgency.

                                                                                            United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation 2006



* Farmed animals are one of the main sources of gases that cause Global Warming; in fact the livestock sector generates 18% of the greenhouse gases, more than cars, planes, and all other forms of transport put together

* Farmed animals are a leading player in making wildlife and plants extinct across the planet, what is called Loss of Biodiversity, all because they are the main reason for Deforestation - chopping down rainforests- where most of the world's species live

* Pesticides, hormones, drugs and chemicals used for livestock are the main cause of Water Polution

* Containing ammonia manure, and wastewater containing manure, can severely harm river and stream ecosystems, and also are the main source of Acid Rains

* The massive use of antibiotic in factory farms has helped to create Superbugs

* The world's oceans are being devastated by Overfishing

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